d2 delivers image & sound quality in your movie theatre.

24 years of dedication in 2024 this calls for a BIG thanks to our team, customers and partners.

d2 is BARCO’s official digital cinema partner

Put your audience front and centre for a consistently stunning visual experience thanks to these Barco laser projectors. Vivid colours, high uniformity, patented Barco Active Image Management™ (Barco AIM™). It’s all there, ready for your audience to enjoy.

d2 partners with QSC to offer stunning digital sound.

Many moviegoers love the immersive experience of film for the very reason that it fully fools their brains into believing the audiovisual facade in front of them. Numerous layers of sound are working their magic on your brain chemistry via the auditory system.

HDR by Barco

Replacing Xenon projectors or just diving directly into laser projectors? Upgrading your sound equipment and rendering it more immersive? Renew your projection screen? Questions on 4K, 3D, (V)HC, HDR? A financial solution comes in handy? In need of advice for your cinema construction project? Contact us for more information.